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a product indicated for puppies and kittens, pregnant and nursing females and older animals.

Box of 100 tablets.

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Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D play an important role in the growth and development of an animal’s bone system.

The optimal proportion of Calcium and Phosphorus is 3:1, a recognized value that can be adapted to all different categories of dogs and cats.

Our breeding experience and professional recommendations were just some of the ideas guiding the development of this product.

In the usual diet of our animals, the quantity of the minerals mentioned is not always sufficient, and this can lead to complications in the development of the bone system. Using KALCIVET during the first 12 months of puppies’ and kittens’ growth will prevent bone deformations and deviations.

In addition to calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, KALCIVET contains other minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Minerals are of organic origin (chelated) and, thanks to their form, are completely absorbed by the body. In this way, calcium’s negative function in mineral resorption is diminished and we obtain multiple effects. LYSINE and METHIONINE are essential amino acids for animals. Their bodies cannot synthesize them on their own, so KALCIVET contains them.

LYSINE and METHIOTINE enable protein synthesis, and their absence in puppies and kittens can slow their growth. The product is therefore the best solution for supporting the bone and muscle systems of young animals. It significantly improves milk quality in lactating bitches and cats. The sheer number of components proves that this is an excellent product, analyzed with the utmost rigor and seriousness, which will also contribute to the healthy development of the general organism.

The need for minerals and vitamins in pregnant dogs and cats increases as the fetuses grow. The use of KALCIVET during gestation safeguards the good condition of bitches and bitches, as well as the development of puppies and kittens from birth. They also lose a large quantity of minerals and vitamins in their milk, so it’s important to take supplements to compensate for these deficiencies. The mineral form will quickly replenish and improve the condition of bitches and cats after the nursing period.

Doses of this product can be prescribed on a daily basis. KALCIVET is also recommended for the treatment of bone fractures and deviations.


  • It is used in puppies and kittens aged 3 to 12 months. It contains everything they need for the most sensitive period of their lives (optimal CA to P ratio, vitamin and mineral complex, amino acids) to support the building of bones and muscles, and for strong, healthy teeth.
  • Kalcivet is recommended for mothers in the second half of gestation, when the fetus begins to develop intensively. But also while nursing their young. Thanks to its composition, kalcivet helps build the bone system of fetuses and young people. Helps mothers stay in good condition during lactation and get back into shape quickly after breast-feeding.
  • The recommended daily dose is 1 tablet per 10 kilos of weight. The dose can be increased during lactation and according to the number of puppies.

Recommended daily dose

For cats ½ tablet.

For dogs 1 tablet per 10 kilos.

Recommended daily dose for maximum treatment

For cats 1 tablet

For dogs, 2 tablets per 10 kilos.

This product is not recommended for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children.


Components : Calcium 18%, Phosphorus 6%.

Composition for 1 kilo:

Vitamin A, retinol acetate 700.000 IU, Vitamin D3, Cholecalciferol 40.000 IU, Vitamin E, Alpha-Tocopherol Acetate 3.000 mg, Vitamin K3, Mendions Sodium Bisulfite 150 mg, vitamin B1, Thiamine hydrochloride 300 mg, vitamin B2, Riboflavin 600 mg, vitamin B6, Pyridoxine hydrochloride 200 mg, vitamin B12, cyanocobalamin 0,8 mg , vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid 2.000 mg, Kalpan, Calcium D-pantothenate 500 mg, Niacin, Nicotinamide 1.000 mg, Folic acid 100 mg, Biotin H2 10 mg, Irone-(Fe) Sulfate 2.000 mg, Copper-(Cu) Chelate 100 mg, Zinc-(Zn) Sulfate 2.000 mg Manganese-(Mn) Sulfate 1.500 mg, Magnesium-(Mg) Oxide 1.000 mg, Iodine-(I) 35 mg, Selenium-(Se) 5 mg, Lysine 4.000 mg, Methionine 4.000 mg.

Other components : Cellulose, Silicone dioxide, Magnesium stearate.


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