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Official representative in Belgium

high quality products

of Dr. Vet Group


To welcome you -10% on your 1st order

Dr. VET Group has over 30 years of experience in veterinary medicine, but also in breeding with excellent show animals, in grooming and in professional care.

Also FCI judges at national and international shows, their professions as veterinarians and nutritionists are directly related to the care and health of our animals.

It's also 20 years of experience in animal feed manufacturing.

During all these years dedicated to their passion and love for animals, they have been able to develop a whole range of high quality food supplements for the beauty and health of pets, tested worldwide.

Always in search of excellence, they study the most suitable combinations of products in order to obtain the best performance by scrupulously following the results obtained.

First testimony of a Belgian breeder : "I give Dr. Vet Mobilityvet tablets to my dog... I see an improvement in her movements, she runs again and plays with her ball. Thank you Dr. Vet!"

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