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BOX 18 bars, 6 flavors


One of 6 flavors of chocorocs in a nice box with a very competitive price 😉

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NEW! Here’s the must-have box: 540 grams of hypernutritive bars in a single box. It’s the basis for a month’s training, or sharing a ravito with friends!

The box contains 18 x 30g bars of your favourite flavour.

Chocorocs are chocolate bars handmade in Walloon Brabant. They contain 12 organic ingredients: the equivalent of a handful of dried fruit, Belgian chocolate (bean to bar) and healthy fats.

Products are packaged in environmentally-friendly boxes (compostable in the garden). The sachets open and close for snacking throughout the day.

Ingredients: dark or white chocolate, nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios), dried fruit (dates, raisins, coconut), cocoa, fat (cocoa butter and/or coconut oil), flavour of your choice (candied orange, pink berry, ginger, caraway seed, spirulina), chia seed, salt. All ingredients are organically grown.

Nutritional composition: please click on the individual products for exact energy, protein, fat and carbohydrate contents. Overall, the bars provide around 130-140 kcal of energy.

All chocorocs contain nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios. White chocolate contains milk. Dark chocolate and caraway seed may contain traces of gluten and lactose.

It’s the ideal pack for sports enthusiasts, to keep for yourself, or to share…

Your choice

dark chocolate orange, white chocolate seaweed, caraway salt, pink berry dark chocolate, ginger, nature


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