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Soul – Espresso blend NEW !

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We’ve carefully prepared this espresso blend with single-origins only, just like a chef creates his unique dish.

This blend is meant to evolve over time, using different origins, that may change with the seasons. This way, you’ll always have a super fresh coffee, while maintaining a similar tasting profile.

A perfect balance of smooth and fruity flavours, with a creamy body, and sweet notes of chocolate, almonds and dry figs.


30% Brazil – natural process
60% Rwanda – washed process
10% Ethiopia – natural process
NOTES: chocolate, caramel, almonds, dry figs
ROAST PROFILE: Medium (espresso roast)

Say no more. Go with our SOUL.

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En grain 230g, fin (moka) 230g, En grain 500g, fin (moka) 500g, En grain 1kg, fin (moka) 1kg


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