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Musasa (washed) – Rwanda Espresso

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A round and syrupy body with sweet and fruity notes of blueberry, hibiscus and dates !


   ORIGIN: Rwanda

Farmer With Pitchfork Raster Icon. Flat Black Symbol. Pictogram Is Isolated On A White Background. Designed For Web And Software Interfaces. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 75308890.   PRODUCER: Musasa Washing Station

   REGION: Rutsiro, Rusizi


  VARIETAL: Bourbon (100% specialty grade arabica)

Coffee beans free vector icons designed by Freepik | Waves icon, Vector icon design, Coffee beans   PROCESS: Washed

  ROAST PROFILE: Light (filter roast).

The Musasa washing station sits in the high-altitude hills of the Congo Nile Trail, practically on the banks of Lake Kivu. The Trail features 227 km of beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills and clear water.

The washing station began operations in 2013 and since then has gone from strength to strength, including a Cup of Excellence win.

The ideal microclimate and a meticulous processing at the station creates a sublime and delicate coffee.

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En grain 230gr, fin (moka) 230gr, En grain 500gr, fin (moka) 500gr


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