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Benti Nenka (natural) Ethiopie (filter) NEW !

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Ce café d’origine d’Ethiopie, pays berceau du café, est incroyablement fruité et juteux. On y retrouve une multitude de parfums comme des notes de mangue, d’ananas et de cassis, et même de camomille et canne à sucre! Un véritable coup de cœur qui pourrait bien vous surprendre !

   ORIGIN: Ethiopia

Farmer With Pitchfork Raster Icon. Flat Black Symbol. Pictogram Is Isolated On A White Background. Designed For Web And Software Interfaces. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 75308890.   PRODUCER: Benti Nenka Washing Station

   REGION: Guji, Hambella Wamena

   GROWING ALTITUDE: 2000-2500m.

  VARIETAL: Wolisho, Kurume (100% specialty grade arabica)

Coffee beans free vector icons designed by Freepik | Waves icon, Vector icon design, Coffee beans   PROCESS: Natural

  ROAST PROFILE: Light (filter roast).

Ethiopia is a country full of history and home to probably the best coffee’s in the world. This is why it’s so difficult to choose just one Ethiopian coffee. The one from Benti Nenka definitely caught all our attention: floral, fruity, intense and harmonious ! For us, it is a big Ethiopian banger!

The Washing Station located in Benti Nenka, in the heart of Guji, brings together 500 producers who owns farms of about 3 hectares filled with ancient coffee varieties. 

Before the harvest, producers take care of their land by replacing old trees with new seedlings for high-quality cherries. Once the cherries are ripe, they will be hand-picked and dried on African beds following the natural process.

We hope you will enjoy this coffee as much as we do!

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