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Tres milagros – Costa Rica (filter) NEW !



An elegant creaminess on the palate, tropical flavours like passionfruit and dried fruit, with boozy notes of gingerbread and amaretto and supported by a crisp acidity of lime and cranberries. This super exciting coffee is a good example of what passionate people like the Facusse family can achieve in experimenting with specialty coffee.

Ridiculously rich, sweet, spicy and fruity, like a hug in a cup!

ORIGIN: Costa Rica

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REGION: San José, Tarrazú


VARIETAL: Villa Sarchi (100% specialty grade arabica)

Coffee beans free vector icons designed by Freepik | Waves icon, Vector icon design, Coffee beans PROCESS: Anaerobic natural (experimental process)

ROAST PROFILE: Light (filter roast).

Finca Tres Milagros has been owned by the Facusse Family for over 50 years, dedicated to produce high-quality lots. The farm was initially planted with entirely Bourbon and Catuai variety trees. As their focus on specialty coffee grew, the Facusse family diversified the varieties on the farm. Today, they also cultivate varietals such as Geisha, Typica, Red Bourbon and Villa Sarchi, like in this lot. Villa Sarchi, a Bourbon mutation, is particularly known for its elegant acidity, intense fruit notes, and a prominent sweetness.

On top of the varietal, the family invests a lot in experimental processing. Like in wine, the anaerobic process keeps the super ripe coffee cherries in a sealed tank so that oxygen cannot enter the fermentation process. This takes several days and creates the fantastic flavour profiles we experience with our Tres Milagros lot.

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En grain, Moulu fin (aeropress – moka), Moulu moyen (chemex – V60), Moulu épais (french press)


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