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Sol Naciente (washed) – Colombia Espresso NEW !

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Sol Naciente is an all-round classic when it comes to a sweet, chocolaty, brown sugary espresso drink, with a subtle touch of orange on the finish. With or without milk…

   ORIGIN: Colombia

Farmer With Pitchfork Raster Icon. Flat Black Symbol. Pictogram Is Isolated  On A White Background. Designed For Web And Software Interfaces. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 75308890.   PRODUCER: Grupo Sierra

   REGION: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


  VARIETAL: Castillo (100% specialty grade arabica – organic)

Coffee beans free vector icons designed by Freepik | Waves icon, Vector  icon design, Coffee beans   PROCESS: Washed

  ROAST PROFILE: Medium (espresso roast).

With this organic certified coffee from Sol Naciente, we are very proud to participate to the Grupo Sierra project, creating a positive impact on vulnerable communities in the northern region of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.
This region witnessed violence and crime at its highest levels in the late 1990s and thanks to these kind of projects, producers can now commercialize their specialty coffee using sustainable methods at every step of the harvest process to improve cup quality and protect the resources of the natural park reserves.

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En grain 230g, fin (moka) 230g, En grain 500g, fin (moka) 500g, En grain 1kg, fin (moka) 1kg


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