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Chocoroc 30g Chocolate-Pink Bay

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Our 30g bar with a delicious pink pepper from Madagascar!

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The pink berry is a daring bet, since this seed is a false pepper. But don't worry: mixed with chocolate containing at least 72% cocoa, it delivers a surprising experience in the mouth. Certainly it is a small explosion of freshness, an unexpected pep that will positively surprise you. Our male and senior clientele is a fan.

Did you know that? The discovery of the pink berry-dark chocolate mixture comes from a production error, following a bad tempering of the chocolate. The chocolate became pale pink and stung in the mouth. The idea of adding berries was a gustatory revelation.

The pink berry bar can be eaten before or during an endurance ride. The bar remains malleable in the mouth, it is easy to disintegrate it with a little water and to make a mush of it. The bar is segmented by hand and you feed at your own pace. The packaging opens and closes easily.

This chocolate-pink berry flavor is available in two formats: in 30 gram bars and in 300 gram blocks.

  • Nutritional composition (100g):

Énergie : 1.950 kJ / 466 kcal – Lipides : 35 g (dont 9 g en acides gras saturés) – Glucides : 27 g (dont 25 g en sucre) – Protéines : 8,7 g – Sel : <0,03 g

  • Ingredients Dark chocolate* 72% (cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, 32%), date paste*, hazelnuts*, pistachios*, walnuts*, raisins*, coconut*, cocoa butter*, cocoa powder*, chia seeds*, water, Himalayan pink salt*, pink berry* (0.7%)* ingredients from organic farming

  • Allergens Hazelnuts, pistachios, nuts. Chocolate may contain traces of milk and gluten. Made in a workshop that uses the 14 major allergens.

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