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offers you 100% Belgian fruit juices, recyclable, with a social and solidarity economy while making the circular economy. 

Their fruit juices are sold in a large number of outlets in Brussels and Walloon Brabant. 

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 they are organic and healthy granola.

You will learn to become familiar with living foods.

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asaBEit's fresh air !

A company in the air of time: young, concerned with well-being and good health, epicurean, respectful of the environment.

The proof is in the pudding... chocolates! They combine the pleasure of the palate with respect for the figure. How do they do it? By reducing sugar and adding essential oils. This double characteristic makes this chocolate "Made in Belgium" a unique product for everyone.

And when the benefits of essential oils meet the sweetness of chocolate, you get an explosion of flavors for a sensory well-being.

To discover without delay in our store!



Wild&Run innovates, differentiates itself and positions itself as a supplier of gourmet sports nutrition .

Ingredients 100% natural origin

this start-up is concerned with providing athletes with much healthier and energizing products!

Find their bars in our store!
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