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Our mission and values

Our mission is to empower people to consume in a more sustainable, healthy and ethical way. 

At AlproxiBio, we are committed to offering ethical products that respect organic standards and quality products at reasonable prices so that everyone can enjoy good local products!


Alproxibio is an e-commerce convinced of the well-being. It offers healthy and ethical products focused on health and the environment. We put forward the products made at home, in our beautiful Belgium. 

We are transparent about our products, that's why you can find their origin and all their benefits on each product sheet in our e-shop.


The relationship with the producers is also very important for AlproxiBio. By selecting the producers, we can ensure the origin and quality of our products sold on our site. 

Buying from local producers allows us to support the local trade and to show the know-how of the craftsmen who live from their passion.

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